Coltrane: 7 months

You did a lot this month lil fella!

You went to your first NBA game at the Barclays Center. We watched the 2015 NBA champs, the Golden State Warriors, play the Brooklyn Nets. Daddy and I were particularly excited 1). because we both went to school with MVP Steph Curry and 2). Daddy LOVES the NBA. It was a special moment for him. You seemed to enjoy it, too. Everyone kept saying how well behaved you were for your age. Later on we did a test to see if you wanted to be a Knicks or Warriors fan. You inch wormed your way to the Warriors shirt, of course.



You had your first time with a babysitter. Grandma came from NJ to watch you while Daddy and I went to the church Christmas party. I was a bit nervous at first, but it got better.


Last but not least you had your first Christmas! God blessed you immensely through the giving of loved ones. Now you have plenty toys and clothes to fill your play area and closet to the brim. You love your toy blocks, cars, stuffed animals, walkers, books and other interactive toys.




As far a milestones go, you can now sit on your own. You can say “ba ba” and “da da”. You love to talk, squeal and make noises. You like to dance and poke your booty out while standing on your feet. We see a tooth coming, and expect it very soon. You are warming up to rolling over, though you don’t do it much. Your inch worm is good practice for crawling, which should happen within the next month or two.





We love you so very much! Keep growing in Christ.

7 month photo shoot pics



One thought on “Coltrane: 7 months

  1. hi Brianna and chris~ thank-you so very much for sharing. remi, our granlove, used to be the youngest in the ayers clan, but now colrane is. remi and I were talking about c-trane, our baby cousin, this afternoon. I tried to explain about the gerber baby contest and how we wanted baby to win. at the mear mention of a possible college scholarship as the prize Remington was no longer interested. I mean let’s face it sometimes toys make better prizes, especially when you are a kindergartener! remi likes his new cousin and said he would like to meet him. please to enjoy a sweet new year!!!!! big hugs, god bless, and love, nisee ayers*


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