Coltrane: 6 Months Old

2015-11-28 23.14.58


You are getting so big! You are 6 months old and just celebrated your first holiday, Thanksgiving! You are pretty good at eating solid foods now, and ate a good amount of sweet potatoes in your new high chair. You even tried to spoon-feed yourself!







You had tons of fun visiting Pop Pop and Gigi. Tía Tee Tee came from Charlotte and we surprised her for her 25th birthday. Even though it was her party, lots of people were anxious to meet you.













We started preparing for the next big holiday, your first Christmas. We helped Gigi and Pop Pop decorate the tree. You like to look at the lights.










Even though you are 6 months old, you are very long and wear 12-18 month clothes. We are not sure how much you weigh but we will find out when we go for your six month check-up.

We think you have acquired your Dad’s love of music. You’ve learned to make a beat boxing sound, and Bob Marley’s Is This Love helps to put you at ease. We think you might want to play soccer because you like to kick your left foot about.

No teeth yet. Still working on rolling over but you sit with support. You also inch worm to try and move yourself around. Crawling should be coming soon.


Once again, we love you so much. I can’t believe your first year is halfway over. Time is flying, but we wouldn’t want to spend it with anyone else.


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